Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Web Design - 4 Reasons Not to Buy Off the Shelf

With a multitude of standard templates and packages available for creating a website, what's wrong with buying off the shelf? There is no one correct answer to this question, as every company has different requirements, goals, and limitations. In some instances, web templates may be the ideal solution for an organization, but there are some definite advantages to custom web design and development.

1. Stand out from the crowd. When you choose to create your website from a template, it is likely that other websites will use the same template, maybe even companies within your industry. Custom design will ensure that you stand out from your competitors.
2. Add features and applications. Many web vendors will offer templates or pre-set packages with a select number of features. If your web needs are relatively simple, this may be a perfect option for you, but many organizations require features beyond the scope of these pre-set packages. In these instances, it is best to seek a web development company who can create custom applications that address your unique business challenges.
3. Integrate with other systems. Organizations may require that their website tie in to other enterprise systems. For instance, maybe your ecommerce website should integrate with your current inventory management system or you customer relationship management (CRM) system should tie into online contact forms. In these instances, custom web development can facilitate the interaction and operation of these systems.
4. Easily edit content. When designing a website from scratch, you can select and implement a content management system (CMS) to fit your organization's requirements. These systems allow users to easily publish, manage, and organize website information. With a CMS, you can add, delete, and refine content at any time without the use of an outside web provider.

Before selecting a web solution, every company should evaluate their unique business conditions. Standard web templates and packages generally offer a low-cost solution, but they may not meet the specific needs of your organization or your audience.
written by Samantha Botello

Monday, 23 November 2009

How to Spot a Good SEO Expert

SEO professionals are one of the most wanted cadres of professionals in today's corporate sector. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is an incessant effort to keep the potential websites on the top ranking of the popular search engine pages, so as to channelize the traffic of the users to these website for the purpose of promotion.
This however, is not an easy task and requires high researching skills, to diagnose the trends of the customers and the goals of the organization offering its products and services. The SEO expert should be well versed in the strategies required in developing relevant and friendly website structure and content that will help search engines to identify them quickly to rank them in their listings.
An efficient search engine optimization expert will always tend to attract traffic towards the website by keeping an outlook for opportunities that will help in the expansion of the target market. However, one thing to bear in mind is that the work of an SEO expert is not to bring in business as customers, rather, facilitate this process.
As optimization is an ongoing process that involves many hours of intense research, most of the SEO experts charge according to the time they spend working on the website. When planning to hire the SEO experts make sure that you spread the word around and talk to the people who have already availed these services. Do not be shy if they offer you any references. Ranking of any website alone is not the only criterion to gauge the performance of any SEO expert. It is important to talk to the experts about their previous experience and the project.
When hiring SEO experts, make sure that the he or she is able to deliver the clarity of ideas while communication. This is very important because effective communication and clarity of ideas and concept plays a vital role in the optimization process.
Prefer independent specialists or the web development firms which offer SEO services as well. Always keep in mind that good SEO expert can never guarantee a good ranking, all they can offer is a great return in terms of luring traffic. Make sure that expert you are hiring is aware of the recent trends of the markets and is not using obsolete tools for the optimization process.
Whenever hiring experts for SEO make sure to gauge them from the work that they have done in the past, which will give you fair idea about the quality of work they can deliver. Also make sure that the hired expert thoroughly researches the web content and induces effective and relevant keywords into it, for targeting more audience. Last but not the least; a good SEO expert will always report regularly; in fact, device methods and strategies to collect reporting data for better tracing.

Article written By Hamza Ejaz

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Why a Good Google SEO Company Should Approach Your Website Like a New TV Series

People use Google SEO Company as a search term but in actual fact there is no such type of company in the way that there are Google Adwords Certified Companies who have passed Google Exams. However it is a very popular search term and that is the foundations of a good SEO campaign. The mindset of the people searching is more than likely that they wish to find a company who can get great results for them on Google with it being the biggest and most important search engine for the moment.
The subject of SEO is highly documented on the web and contains plenty of good information but also plenty of mis-information. This leads to it being more difficult to understand for some business owners who let's face it are busy running their business!
To understand SEO the first step is to think like a search engine. Search engines are continually refining their processes in order to give their customers a better experience. This means that SEO which has been done to try to fool the search engines will sooner or later be no use. For example Google's evaluation of links has become stricter and will continue to do so.
Think about times when you have searched for something and some of the results were not what you were looking for then you were not as satisfied a search engine customer as you could have been. As a search engine customer you want to find a selection of the most highly relevant websites on your first search without trawling down lots of pages. This is what the search engines want to deliver also.
From an SEO point of view this means that websites should deliver to both search engines customers' expectations and also to the technical necessities of the search engines. To achieve this requires good old fashioned hard work, technical knowledge and creativity. For websites who wish to achieve important Google SEO rankings a combination of specialist, excellent content on their website and evidence of other good websites giving votes of confidence (links) is what works over time.
Google has no way to check out your shop/website except for the technical messages you give to it and then other reputable websites feeling it is important enough to link to it. Before the internet if someone was to recommend a business they would have physically met the people involved and seen the office or shop. Google and the search engines have to evaluate your business on the votes of others from their websites.
So Google is checking out the company you keep. They won't penalize you if someone links to your website if they feel they are not reputable, they could however if you link to a website which becomes blacklisted by them. It is important not to get over excited with promises of thousands of links as there is a good chance that they may not translate into much quality.
Another way to look at Google SEO is like a new TV series. See your website as a TV Series that you will release and wish it to be popular. Naturally you will make sure that the production is as good as possible and that you have a cast of talented actors. This is like the onsite optimisation.
Plan your website like a new TV series, you have the big plot and the sub plots. You will want the information to be expert and ideally have something different to offer, but ideas also for future episodes. This means at the beginning of the website you must have all your products/services/keywords covered and plenty of information for a good customer experience. Yet you should have areas of expertise that you can drill down into and expand out into really specific specialist pages.
You know the kind of buzz that has been created by some new TV Series, so if a buzz can be created by your website to some extent on the internet some of the most important SEO work is in place for good Google SEO rankings. If this work is done especially well links will come naturally over time, however building links is one of the most important parts of SEO and a creative, clever link building campaign should go hand in hand with the onsite optimisation.

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Choosing keywords and phrases

Keyword research is in my opinion the most impotent part of SEO. If you get it wrong, its good bye qualified traffic. But, get it right and you could be getting good quality traffic to your page. Not all traffic is created equal. If your keyword choices are bad you will get very little for your efforts. Many SEO’s think that  the metric of success is how many page views they get. This is defiantly not the case. That’s why choosing the correct keywords is so impotent.

A little about what constitutes good and bad Keywords

My outlook is good keywords bring qualified customers that have the intention of buying , subscribing or performing the action that you require. Bad keyword ether dont have many people searching for them or bring lots of visitors who have no intention of doing more then just looking.

Choosing your keywords

Your choice of keywords will be of utmost impotence to the success of any site so take your time . The first thing to do is to pick what’s known as a seed word. Seed words are generic broad words related to the industry you’re targeting.
So for some example seed words.
  • Cleaning
  • Computer
  • Jewellery
  • Design
  • furniture
As we see these words are very generic. If we targeted these words and were successful in getting to number one we would get lots of traffic but very few sales due to the words not telling us the uses intention.
Intention is why or what the user looking for, the more detail we have, the more sure we can be of the viewers intention. if we take Computer as an example we ask the question is it a Desktop computer or a laptop computer, and so on until we get to a longer more focused phrase, for example: “Desktop computer Intel i7 processor”  I like to call it the buying stages
A good indicator is the length of the query that brings a customer to your site. This is a rule of thumb so it works in most cases but there will be some exceptions to this rule.

Conducting the keyword research

First thing we need to do is get some keyword search volumes and statistics so lets grab our seed keyword and head over to the Google AdWords: Keyword Tool .
Once there we are presented with this screen

For this example I’m using Jewellery as my seed word and I’m presented with the following page I’ve selected phrase match and ordered the results by search volume.

Lets take the phrase costume jewellery we see that last month (Oct 09) we had 1.22 million searches that contained the phrase costume jewellery. thats a lot of searches

Expanding our keywords

There is two ways to proceed. To expand our keyword list the fist thing is to grab a two word phrase and pop is straight back into the Google keyword tool. This will give you more variations more closely related to your keyword phrase. The second option is to place your phrase in Googles second keyword tool called Search based keyword tool. How this one works is that it takes your phrase and finds the search queries that contain that those two words in any order. In this example I’ve taken the phrase “costume jewellery” and placed it in the search based keyword tool.

Search based keyword tool and search volumes

You may notice a little difference in the search volumes between the Adwords keyword tool and the search based keyword tool. The difference comes from using two different metrics, the standard keyword tool uses actual search volumes , that is the total number of searches over the whole of the Google network. The search based keyword tool uses the number of clicks a key word or phrase gets as an adwords ad. so you will see a lower amount on the search based keyword tool. From my experence a organic results get clicked on lot more often then a paid ads, so organic search volumes will be many times higher.

The Numbers

What we are looking for are phrases with high search volumes and low competition so we need to know roughly how many other sites are competing for these phrases. so we head over to Google main search page.
  • To find how many pages have the phrase on the page type in the search box “Your phrase”
  • To find out how many pages have the words in the title tag type “allintitle:Your phrase”
  • To find out how many pages have links pointing at them with the phrase as the anchor text type “allinanchor:Your phrase”
These search engine switch’s will give you a better idea of the true competition for that phrase. If the numbers look good we should be targeting that phrase.
Lets take the phrase Vintage Costume Jewellery I’ve checked the search volume in the Adwords keyword tool and it says for exact match search, the phrase was searched for 74000 times in Oct 09.
  • 50200 pages have the phrase in that exact word order on the page
  • 50800 pages have the title tag with the words Vintage Costume Jewellery in any order
  • 40400 sites have links pointing to them with the anchor text Vintage Costume Jewellery
The numbers look OK. The difficulty to rank for this  phrase would not be out of this world. Because the phrase is moderately focused we would see a good number of qualified customers arriving to a page that ranked for that phrases

Posted By Web Design Doncaster

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Are You Disappointed With the Performance of Your Website

Use Link Building Services To Generate Traffic

There is little point in running a website if there is no traffic coming to it. Traffic sustains your website and generates the profitability. Your costs for keeping the website running will far outweigh any money that you could be making from it, and this is precisely why you need to find link building services to help you increase the amount of traffic that you will receive. As you start to increase this level of traffic, you will find yourself rising in the results pages within search engines. The higher you are on the results list, the easier it will be for Internet users to find you, which will push your number of visitors up even higher.

What Will Link Building Services Accomplish?

There are typically two types of links which come into play when you are working on search engine optimisation. Shared links are the instances where another website will link to yours in exchange for you posting a link on your site back to theirs. While this can generate a small amount of website traffic from people clicking through the links, this will achieve nothing in terms of search engine optimisation.

The type of links that you want will come from one-way back links. Link building services should be focused the most on this particular task, for these are the links which will prove to be valuable to search engine rankings. Your website will become much more valuable to a search engine when a number of other websites all link to yours without you providing a back-link.

How Will Search Engines Use Links?

Every time that a website links to your site, a search engine will count that particular link. This can make you appear much more relevant to the crawlers than your website did before. The more links which you have, the higher you will move in the rankings. If you share links with another website however, each of you will 'gain a point' in the eyes of the search engine and you will not have done anything to make your website stand out more against the crowd.

Link building services work by increasing the number of one-way back links, which point to your website. Using their own search engine optimisation methods, these services will be able to help your website build the necessary one-way back-links to start drawing in more traffic and to make you appear more relevant to the search engine crawlers. Once the crawlers find these links, you will rise up in the ranks and start to pull in the necessary traffic to make your website really popular.

Who Can You Trust For These Services?

Not everyone will be able to give you quality link building services you desire however, which is why you will want to be careful about who you hire for assistance when using search engine optimisation techniques. Anyone who promises that you will quickly begin to see higher traffic results may be slightly bending the truth, but proper link building will take time and patience if you want to do it right. Invest in the team who will help you grow in popularity through the proper methods instead of relying simply on a quick fix.

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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Some Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization Positioning is Not Easy

Search engine optimization positioning is not a task to be taken for granted because the key to getting it to work is to do everything correctly and, even when this is done there is no guarantee at all that optimizing your site will bring success.

The internet is a powerful resource but even its reach can be limited if you do not use it to its full potential. By having a site you indicate that you see the ability to connect with billions of prospective customers globally, but they must first be able to access your products or service to become actual customers. Since many people want information at their fingertips you want to make sure that should your site be listed among search results, it surfaces among the top options or it may never be visible.

This is where search engine optimization positioning, also called SEO positioning, gets involved in your marketing process. SEO position is what determines where your site falls on the list of results generated by the search engine (SE). To put it simple, when a SE (take Google for example) is used to search for keywords, a list of links is retrieved. The pages compiled may match all or parts of the keywords used and the SE will often rank pages starting with those it deems most relevant based on page descriptions or keywords.

Search engine optimization positioning depends largely on how you go about optimizing your site, so if you fail to get this right then you have essentially damaged your PR strategy. SEO optimization at its simplest will require keen attention to details and precision.

You will need to:

1) Have good, simple content.

2) Come up with easy and descriptive page titles.

3) Consider the type of heading chosen to avoid getting penalized by SE's. Ideally h1-h6 tags should be used.

4) Ensure you have user friendly URL's so search engines actually include you in relevant searches.

5) Use real headings (#3), regular paragraphs and simple lists to make sure you are accessible. You have to do this so your site can be found by SE's.

6) Be smart about the search engines and directories you choose.

7) Get people to link their sites to yours.

8) Avoid penalties or being blacklisted from search directories for including the wrong things on your site.

9) Decide if framing your pages is smart since this can remove links and leave pages incomplete if not skillfully done.

10)Choose whether descriptions or tags are better and when.

11)Choose browser detection software that won't block SE spiders from accessing your site; your site cannot be read if blocked.

This is clearly not a quick fix option so be careful when approaching. Most web users will choose the top sites (an estimated 80% will pick the top three) hence search engine optimization positioning will be important for raising awareness of your products and services. More traffic equals more business exposure.

Kevin Raad is a SEO expert. For more information on search engine optimization positioning, visit

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Website Design and Search Engine Marketing

A properly designed website should be written well for both the reader and for the search engines. It should have a nice clean banner on top, flash if necessary but not a flash intro as these are not Google(search) friendly. It should have clean easy to read navigation buttons on top or on the left margin. The body should have plenty of relative content for the reader. It should have a nice matching color schema and a few high resolution images.

Call it a "dot-com name," a URL, or a domain. Whatever you call it, it's the cornerstone of your online presence. Choose your domain name wisely, preferably a.COM and not a variation( etc.)

Most companies offer customers one or two domain servers -- one main server, and one for backup. When you register your domain name it should be backed by six servers distributed around the U.S. The result? Superior connectivity and reliability.

Discover the three critical roles Graphic Design plays on your Website, and how 'look and feel' impacts your target audience. Learn about the two call to action types, signposts and offers, and how and when to use them.

History has shown 25,000 unique visitors daily could produce 100 or more buyers on your checkout page. Your website designer should include search engine optimization or SEO in the build.

Then lastly the site should be set up for on-page optimization as to be visible to search engines. This in itself is somewhat time consuming if done correctly. Google algorithms change almost daily and it most cases are not for the do-it-yourself er!

John Biondo
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SEO Must Consider Page Speed for Google Rankings in 2010

SEO Must Consider Page Speed for Google Rankings in 2010 Google have indicated that their search algorithms are due to change again as the search engine will factor in how quickly a web page loads to how well a site ranks in Google.

Page speed is going to become the buzzword for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in 2010, as websites scramble to make their sites quicker and cleaner to allow pages to rank better in Google.

The idea has been toyed with for a while at Google, and page speed is already a contributing factor to the algorithm that marks the quality score of AdWords, as slow loading online advertising can prove expensive if it means users ignore the advertising.

Implementing page speed into Google’s main algorithm is a mammoth task, but one Google seems intent on rolling out. In an interview with WebProNews at PubCon in Las Vegas, Google software engineer Matt Cutts said: “Historically, we haven’t had to use it in our search rankings, but a lot of people within Google think that the web should be fast. It should be a good experience, and so it’s sort of fair to say that if you’re a fast site, maybe you should get a little bit of a bonus.”

There are a host of tools available to make your website run smoother and identify problems that may be causing the page to load slowly. Mr Cutts pointed to a Firefox plugin called Page Speed, along with which can help deliver analysis of slow parts of a website.

Google has also launched Google Closure Tools earlier this month to optimise JavaScript on websites and condense code data to make sites cleaner and operate faster. “A lot of people in 2010 are going to be thinking more about ‘How do I have my site be fast?’ without having a bunch of custom JavaScript,” Mr Cutts concluded.

Writing For SEO - Choosing the Wrong Words

When people talk about writing with SEO in mind, they're usually referring to the act of repeating targeted keywords throughout the body of their text. In fact, I've seen many SEO writing software help in this regard, suggesting synonyms and similarly useful ideas. Problem is, their mind is usually focused on the exact terms they're trying to rank for, rather than their use of words in the rest of the document.

This isn't necessarily bad. After all, when you're trying to rank for certain terms, it pays to focus on them when putting together the text that appears on your webpage. Here comes the quandary: if you work in this manner, you can't anticipate the less-than-desirable terms you may end up ranking for, attracting a good amount of untargeted visitors in the process.

Let's say you run a website about "job hunting" and decide to target the keywords: "find job," "job hunt" and "job search." If you do your SEO right, you're likely to rank for those terms. However, if the rest of your text mentions a term such as "blow" (as in, "You don't want to blow the job application"), you can easily rank for that popular term that puts the words "blow" and that synonym for work together - not exactly the kind of audience you're looking for.

To put it simply, you will need to anticipate the context of the terms people will be searching for, along with your keywords. After all, those people looking for "that" kind of information isn't really likely to be interested in what you have to offer. While it wouldn't hurt to have them see your site and leave, isn't it better to use the opportunity offered by the rest of your text to draw in readers who can become actual prospects?
written by Jane Sumerset

Posted by SEO Company Sheffield

Monday, 16 November 2009

Mockingbird: Build Web Site Mockups Fast

Unfortunately, there are no templates that you can base your designs on, but overall, Mockingbird has been designed with speeding up the process of creating a web site in mind. It’s easy to share a mockup with clients or other stakeholders in the design process. Mockingbird will provide you with a link that you can send out, or alternatively you can use an embed code to place it on a web site.

When you’re trying to pull together all of the elements for a website, having a tool that can help you to build a mockup or wireframe in a matter of minutes can make a world of difference. Mockingbird is such a tool: You can drag and drop user interface elements onto a page, rearranging and resizing as you go. You can even link together the various pages within your mockup so that anyone you share it with can immediately see how a user might navigate through the site. The web-based application has been developed with simplicity in mind. Any task that could be made automatic or streamlined has been. Even sizing text has been automated — if you resize an object, any text associated with it will be adjusted to match. You can add as many pages to a mockup as you like, with as many elements as you need. Mockingbird offers a wide array of user interface elements based on the elements that are commonly used in building web sites. From embedded videos to different types of text, you can easily drop in anything you’d expect to see on a web site. It’s the little things that make Mockingbird a solid tool: you can snap elements to a grid, so that your mockup looks clean without requiring you to spend extra time getting it that way.
Being able to embed your mockups is a nice alternative to trying to share a mockup with a whole list of people via a email — instead, it’s just a matter of following a link over to whatever system you use to communicate with coworkers or clients as a matter of course. There’s also no need to install anything in order to view Mockingbird’s mockups — even Flash is unnecessary. The application is based on Cappuccino, a web app framework that doesn’t use plugins. It may not be the best choice for projects that require some privacy, however, as it looks like anyone with the link can check out your mockup.
Mockingbird is in beta and is currently free to use — you can actually demo the application without even registering. However, to save a mockup, you’ll need to provide an email address and a password in order to create an account. If you just need a tool to pull together a quick mockup, it’s ideal — you don’t even need to know much about web design, making it useful for a non-designer communicating ideas to a designer, and the ability to embed your wireframes is a nice touch that isn’t available in some of the other wireframing web apps like Balsamiq and FlairBuilder. However, if you’re doing a lot of web design work, you may need a more robust solution. If, for instance, your workflow requires you to be able to download your mockup to use in other apps, Mockingbird does not currently provide that option.
Which wireframing tools do you use?
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Linkedin adds rel=”nofollow” to profile links – SEO News

For some time now, there has been a lot of custom anchor text and SEO strategies for having juice from a linkedin profile pointing to your sites. There is a couple of blog posts out there that described methods of obtaining high PR on your profile.

Quietly and without much news on the SEO front, Linkedin rolled out this update to the disdain of quite a few webmasters. To be honest I don’t get the reasoning behind the nofollow tag. We all know it was implemented during a time when every spam bot on the planet was dropping 5 link comments on blogs.

However times have changed. Almost every blog has the nofollow tag applied to comment links. Commenting on blogs is way down as a result. It is no longer beneficial to a web property to have incoming links from blog comments. In all actuality the nofollow tag is in some ways possibly hindering communication and the fostering of ideas among fellow bloggers.

The other issue with applying the nofollow tag is that it is like a red flag to the search engines. Kind of like covering your tracks about where you are linking to. Hey here’s a link but I don’t trust it. Links are votes in Google’s algorithm. We all know that the one with the higher number of natural, quality votes wins the popularity contest.

Google wants to make sure that webmasters are not chasing after Page Rank. They want the web to grow and conform to a set of disciplines that means a better quality of search results for all. Since there are so many dishonest webmasters trying to game the system, tags like nofollow are created to combat the mess created by spam, ultimately making the job of legitimate webmasters more difficult.

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Search Engine Optimization Can Be Achieved With Article Marketing

One of the most popular SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) methods of advertising is article marketing. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of poorly written online content that has brought about some negative comments as well.

However, if you have original and well written content it is one of the best ways to reach your targeted audience; more often than not this involves some time, research and effort on your part in order to achieve the desired results. That is one reason that many people turn to professionals to write their online content and articles used for marketing as they know which keywords to use in your niche in order to get the job done. Original content is necessary is you are much more likely to get you link-backs checked if you have something to say that they have not already read or heard about.

Search engine ranking is basically the spot where your website is located among the results that are listed when someone types in a search for a keyword or phrase. Naturally the higher your web page is ranked the closer to the top of the results it will be displayed; the search engines, such as Google, lists the results in the order that it considers to be the most relevant to the word of phrase that you entered.

It is not important to just get your website listed in Google and other search engines it is important to get it to be listed high enough in their results to ensure that people will click on the link. The art of SEO is to concern yourself with unique, relevant content and a number of quality inbound links; the higher your web page is listed among the results then the more likely you are to get increased traffic to your website.
Written By Ameen Mujtabaa

Give Your Website Life

Recently I visited the site of superwritergirl. Wow! Talk about a website with personality. My site seems a little bland now. Most websites are a little bland in comparison.

Not every web site should be bright red but you do need to set yourself apart from the competition. Your web site needs to be inviting and memorable. You can gauge the level of professionalism you need based on what you do and what your visitors will appreciate. A website that looks like any other web site, whether simple or flashy and complex, fades quickly from memory. I have forgotten most web sites I visited in the time it takes to click my mouse.

Design your website as if you are the leader in your industry. This does not mean you need to boast, just design your site as if you are already in first place. Give people a reason to remember your website. You can do this many ways from giving them a free eBook to take along (download) to a video that captures their attention.

Decide on the personality of your website. This might be:

• in your face

• humorous

• serious business

• knowledgeable

• sincere

• reference source

• thoughtful

• rebellious

or something else.

Deciding on a personality will help you set the tone for content, graphics, fonts, videos, and format. No personality is the worst. The last thing you want is for your web site to become a wall flower sitting on the side lines waiting for someone to ask it to dance.

Written by Jason Nyback
posted by Web Design Doncaster

People's Misconceptions About SEO

Search engine optimization is a specialized field. It's one of those rare disciplines that incorporate art and science. A good instinct for what strategies and content will work is also an important part of SEO. Unfortunately, because search engine optimization is still a relatively new concept for many people (especially those that are new to putting up a web site on the internet), certain misconceptions arise about what SEO can and cannot do. Here are just some of them.

- Web designers know about search engine optimization so they can just handle it when the web site is built. The truth of the matter is that only a few, if at all, will know about the intricacies of search engine optimization. SEO is a specialized service and although a web designer can make a web site "SEO-friendly", it is not the same as making a web site "search engine-optimized."

- Getting a company to promote your keywords is already SEO. This is a belief that is erroneous. Promoting your company's keywords is, indeed a part of good SEO, but it is not the only thing that should be done. Paying a company to just do keyword promotion is a short-sighted way of doing SEO and, frankly, should at least be seen with a little skepticism especially if the company tells you that keyword promotion is "just the same as" search engine optimization.

- You can already sit back and relax when the web site has been optimized is another common misconception. People think that SEO is a one-time project. But the truth is that search engine optimization is an ongoing effort. Even though a web site being optimized is already a significant level of progress. There should still be ongoing strategies and efforts to continuously tweak the web site and thus constantly generate relevant links.

- A company can guarantee a number one listing on a search engine like Google. This could probably the most common misconception about search engine optimization. Google's algorithms are a big secret and constantly being changed. There are some SEO companies that are good at their work while others are not. Some are expensive while others are not. In other words, SEO companies are a diverse lot, but not one of them can absolutely guarantee a claim as a big as a number one result in Google or Yahoo or MSN. Be wary of this claim. Usually companies that claim this are only claiming a top search result for an obscure search term.

- Buying a piece of SEO software is as effective as hiring an SEO company. Nothing can be farther from the truth. A well written piece of software for SEO purposes may be a good enough to start your initial SEO efforts but it won't be as thorough or as personalized as an actual SEO team that works on optimizing your web site. Technology is good, but it can never replace the time and effort that a dedicated team of SEO experts will put on a web site. It also won't compare with the results that the latter will bring.

Discover low cost and free Webmaster Scripts making your site more interactive, developing more website traffic. Easy to install php scripts, friendly seo tools for website promotion. Range of webmaster php scripts from adding comments, translation scripts, adding video, rss feeds aggregator, stopping download theft and more. Plus scripts to build seo friendly sites from scratch to profit from any niche.
Written by Jason McCarran

Keyword Analysis Research - How Does it Work

Have you ever wondered how people stumble upon your site? It isn't just luck. In fact, there is a very complicated science behind it. This science revolves around keywords. But what is a keyword, and how does keyword analysis research work?

Today, there isn't a person around that isn't familiar with Google. If you have ever used the internet before chances are that you've used Google. It is the world's biggest search engine and it is probably the tool that people used to find your site. People search with keywords. These search terms are placed into Google and Google comes back with a list of sites. So what keywords are finding your site?

A Google keyword selector tool could have your answer. A Google keyword selector tool analyses different keywords and can give you a whole bunch of useful information. If you are trying to build traffic to your website, doing keyword analysis research can help you discover what people are searching for when they find you. You might not think that it makes a difference what keywords you use, but the analysis from these selector tools will show you a big difference between keywords that you might think are the same.

A selector tool can also show you how many other sites are going after the same keywords. This can help to show you how big your competition is. It might even help you to redefine the niche of your website.

There are many different tools you can use to do keyword analysis research. Some are free and some require a fee. They all will help you drive traffic to your site. The key to web traffic is in the keywords, it is important to know how keywords work and the best way to do that is with a keyword selector tool.

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Modernistic SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a modernistic marketing phenomenon for companies worldwide. To have a strong hold in the online world wide web, SEO have become quite essential. All companies today devote much of their marketing budget in SEO for the promotion of their respective websites.

With a cut-throat competition every company wants their websites to be constantly visited by the world wide web users. Big or small, every company today is battling with each other in this online medium to make sure they attract as many internet users. This is where our SEO plays an integral part. With websites outnumbering the stars in several galaxies, just a mere presence on the web won't help. Just having a website does not mean that users will make a visit.

The numbers of websites available on the web, the probability that customers will find or visit the website is one in zillions. SEO make more and more customers to a find your website. The more customers on your website, the more is the sale. SEO sole aim is to pay you the dividends for your hard work by attracting as many customers you want. Most people today make use of search engines for finding almost everything. Search engines are most popular for finding a website. So a search engine result is of utmost importance for every company.

The probability that a customer will visit your website is maximized when your website is well placed in the search engine result list. SEO makes sure that users find your websites when they search the major directories and search engines for your products or services you offer. Undoubtedly this brings a fantastic difference between you and your competitors. With a stress on design elements and technical factors, SEO makes sure that the probability of you being placed well in the first listings is maximum. Our SEO will make your website smarter. It will be designed in a way that will provide correct submissions to major search engines. This will make sure that our clients achieve their goals. We provide customized Search Engine Optimization program which is exclusive for each client. This helps in achieving website uniqueness. We make sure our clients accomplish their Search Engine Optimization goals satisfactorily. We provide our efficient Search Engine Optimization efforts so that our client's website obtain top 10 positions in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, AOL, Alta Vista, HotBot, Lycos, Netscape and many more. We solely aim to help your website leap to the top of the stack in various search engines and directories by our link building and on page optimizing techniques. We make sure that these techniques are implemented correctly so that you can acquire higher return on your investments. We provide customization of our technical modules to fit your business needs so that it has an everlasting appeal to you and your audience. With our vast experience in SEO, we today know the psyche of present day consumers and therefore provide intricate design modules to gain maximum profits. We truly make SEO a platform where both companies and consumers interact with each other. We will help you redefine your marketing strategies on the world wide web so that you reap maximum benefits. With our expertise and your advice and requirements we can truly make the internet work for us.
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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Search Engine Submission Tips - Ways to Be More Successful With Your Directory Submission Efforts

Many people who have a great idea for a product or service want to develop and market a website that will quickly reach the top of the directory rankings and start looking for search engine submission tips. In some cases, the website has been designed and is ready to launch when submission becomes an issue. So, it is important to take some time to make sure that the website is ready to launch and that the proper steps are taken to increase visibility with a target audience.

You will want to make sure that your site is very clear about your product or service. Making a list of your key services and your target audience will help in finding the direction that will need to be taken in your marketing efforts. When a website is well designed and the title of each page contains at least one key word that is relevant to the site, it will be must easier to market and submit successfully.

Structuring the website around the key words and phrases that are relevant to the product or service will be helpful. It is important to remember however that key words do change. This especially true with social bookmarking networks. Making key words work for the site instead of making the site work for the key words will create a more natural site that can sustain and grow a market.

Including a site map and making the website easy to navigate will increase the likelihood that the website have a successful submission. When the spiders scan a website, they do not scan each page of the website unless it is submitted to the director. However, if there is a site map on the page that is submitted the pages that are attached to it will be linked to the ranking by the indexed page.

If a person wants to get their website ranked immediately there are search engine directories that will provide a ranking for a fee. Sites such as Yahoo and LookSmart both offer these options. When deciding if this is a viable option, it is important to think about how budget is going to be spent on increasing traffic and growing the website. The cost to market a website should not exceed the value that the customers will bring it.

Submitting a website and creating ranking organically takes time and effort. There are many websites that offer services for submitting websites automatically. Some people think that pages submitted automatically are rejected by some sites. Other people think that automatic submissions are as effective as manual submissions. Ultimately, it will be up to the website owner to use the strategy that works best for them.

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Twitter Tips For SEO

Internet marketers and Web specialists predict that the search engines will eventually offer real-time search capabilities, so now is the time to think about getting on board with a few great Twitter SEO Tips to position your tweets for next generation searches.

Companies are already beginning to optimize their Twitter profiles to start building quality links that will rank high with the search engines however; the concept is relatively new to most Twitter users who are using Twitter to help their online business gain visibility. If you want to embrace SEO on Twitter, you can find some handy tips below.

* Creating a Username: It's best to choose a Twitter username which represents your business instead of a nickname which does not describe your business at all. The username you choose must have 2 things: it must be easy to remember and must include a relevant keyword.

* Make Your Account Name Different from Your Username: The username you choose should also reflect the nature of your business. It is a good idea to create an account name that is different from your username to make optimum use of keywords and further promote your business.

* Optimize Your Profile: One of the best Twitter SEO Tips is optimizing your profile by using relevant keywords. This includes the meta description that tells people about your expertise and your business. Use this description line in the best way possible because it is frequently indexed by the search engines and others can see it.

* Optimize Every Tweet: Given that many predict that search engines such as Google will make tweets available in real-time, this means that you should be using keywords related to your area of expertise and industry in your message. Make sure you do this strategically and do not overstuff the message with keywords because this will be viewed as spam. Just remember to maintain high quality content and strategically placed keywords.

* User-Friendly Retweets: Write your tweets in such a way that they are easy to other people to resend. In order to allow other users to retweet your message, do not use the maximum number of characters. You should strive to tweet high quality content using keywords and in such a way which makes it easy for others to retweet.

* Use TinyURLs: In order to direct Twitter users back to your content, use shortened links. Shorten URL links have significant SEO value since SEO is partially about building high quality links. Twitter can also help your Alexa ratings if you are successful in sending users back to your website.

Although practicing good Twitter SEO Tips will help to set your business up for the future of search engines, keep in mind you must also continue to practice consistent communication with your followers and other members of the Twitter community.
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Web Design Features That a Web Designer Should Focus on

Certain elements and features will encourage visitors to keep coming to your website when they are present. You should therefore ensure that the web designer company of your choice incorporates these elements in your website. Some of these features include suitable colors and designs, pictures, simple and attractive layouts, contact form, revealing/informative wordings and easy to read font /font size.

Pictures and graphics features play great role in personalizing your website, making it look welcoming to your visitors. These elements create a real atmosphere to the visitors of the site, who would eventually come back to make actual purchase of your goods/and or services.

The choice of font, font size and font color also matters a great deal when structuring a website; a web designer company should endeavor to use the font style, color and size that would not make the visitors to strain their eyes before they are able to read the texts on the website; other wise, they will get frustrated and give up. This does not also suggest a large font size or decorative looking font style; moderation should be applied when using this feature in a website.

A website design should also be neat and orderly in structure and presentation. There should be no difficulty in locating features such as links, menu bar and other navigational tools; these features should be well organized within the website. No visitor would want to keep coming to a cluttered site, how much more making an actual purchase; ensure that the web designing firm of your choice has well organized websites in their portfolio before contracting them. This is the only way to be sure that you are not getting a haphazard website at the end of the day.

It is also necessary to supply rich and sufficient information about your business products and services on your website; this is also an important feature of a good website design. Remember that the website is the only promotional tool you have for your online business; so you have to ensure that you are putting every piece of information that your potential clients need to know about your business and what you have to offer them. Ensure that the web designer company of your choice pays great attention to this vital element.

Contact information is another vital feature of the website that should not be treated with levity. Your business contact information should be conspicuously placed within the website so that your potential customers can easily see it for a future communication or inquiry on how to purchase your product or service. There should be an email, instant message contact or phone contact to prove that you are genuine and can be reached easily. Ensure that your business website email contact is connected to your domain name to further prove that your business is genuine and is being operated professionally.

A good web designer company should focus on these basic but important elements when designing websites for online business owners.

written by: Kiran Sonavane 
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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Webmojo is now targetting SEO in Sheffield

We are now targeting new SEO customers in Sheffield
SEO Sheffield

Why PageRank Is No Longer Impotent For Ranking

PageRank used to be a indicator of how well a website was doing. Although there is sometime's a link to page rank and rankings it is not always the case. I found the following article on the subject


Having a good PageRank (PR) has many benefits, not only does it provide organic traffic to your site (free traffic brought by search engines), but it also gives value, esteem and respect to your website as a whole. Large sums of money and countless hours are being spent to acquire a decent PR, and some SEO companies are doing things to the extent which are not ethical or not in compliance with certain policies just to achieve them like Black Hat SEO.

One of Google's basis on how websites' PR is calculated are the quality of links pointing to the web pages of a website. These links are counted by Google as votes and the more quality backlinks your website acquires the better and higher its PR will be. All links are not created equal, the quality of each link depends upon the reputation of the website which it came from and it will be evaluated by Google in the calculation of PR. Acquiring and maintaining a good PR is a continuous process, it needs patience, takes time and money, needs plenty of work but the end results are worth it.

Having a good PR increases your website's chance in being listed at the front page of the search results. This means you have an advantage with your competitors when internet users search something relevant to your site's products, services or information. This will save you lots of money from advertisements because having a good PR will boost your website's popularity in the long run, acquiring targeted potential customers and increasing your sales and conversion rate.

The PR of your website also determines its value. The higher is your site's PR the more valuable it becomes. It only shows that reputable websites are linking to yours for various reasons. Mainly it may be the quality of your website's content, support, relevance, importance, quality and no matter what other reasons there may be, having a high PR will definitely make your website valuable and reputable.
This statement by Susan Moskwa, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst explains why Pagerank should not be considered as a good indicator any-more. many web masters and some SEO's still wrongly obsess with this statistic.

“We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true. We removed it because we felt it was silly to tell people not to think about it, but then to show them the data, implying that they should look at it”
Pagerank has been removed from the Webmasters Toolkit but google has kept it in the google toolbar mainly to stop some webmaster creating a storm. it seems that some still need the little security blanket that is the PageRank indicator in the tool bar

Friday, 13 November 2009

SEO vs. PPC - What Is the Difference Between The Two

When talking about SEO and PPC, we know that both methods drive targeted traffic to your website. While both methods are used by website owners to drive traffic to their websites, there are many differences between the two.

The first difference of the two is the location that the website listing is displayed. The SEO (organic listings) are considered as regular listings in the search engine results. With PPC, the listings are going to be on the top of the regular listings and/or on the right hand side of the regular listings in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The second difference between SEO and PPC is the traffic potential. With PPC listings, you are able to get your listings in the search engine results in about a day or two. With organic listings, you are going to have to wait for the search engines to find your website and index your pages. The downside of PPC is the time that it is going to take to manage your listings to make them efficient. Once your site has been indexed and is getting results for the key phrases you want, your organic listings tend to produce more traffic than PPC. Studies have shown that users are three to five times as likely to click on a regular listing in the search engine results as opposed to a paid ad (PPC).

The third difference is pretty obvious. This would be the cost that is involved between the two. While SEO (organic listings) are free, unless you are paying someone to optimize your site, PPC listings are going to cost you money per click. The amount that you are paying per click is going to depend on which program you are using and which keyword or keyword phrases you are targeting. You are going to see with PPC that you can be paying 5 cent per click or you could be paying up to $20. It all depends on the competition of the keywords you are bidding for.

While we have mentioned the differences between SEO and PPC, they both have their benefits. While your organic listings are free, they take time to obtain. What method you will use will depend on your time frame and your advertising budget. Some people use both of these methods to achieve their success.
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Thursday, 12 November 2009

SEO Techniques - The On Page Factor

Driving high quality targeted traffic to your website is no easy feat. We all know that importance of content and off-page optimisation techniques such as backlinks. Although these are all points to focus on, just a few slight on-page tweaks can make a huge difference to gaining higher visibility in the search engines results pages (SERPS) therefore, potentially helping to increase affiliate commissions and AdSense clicks.


This is probably the most important thing to do almost as soon as you create your page. Ensure your most important keyword is towards the beginning.


Although this will not help your rankings, this does help Google identify what your page is about.

H1 header tags

The main title of your page should be a H1 HTML tag. This lets the search engines know what your page is about. It serves the same concept as reading a newspaper headline. The H1 heading should match your page title to increase its relevancy.

File naming conventions

To increase your chance of ranking high, ensure that your filenames match your page title and H1 tag; this should ideally all be the same. Do not use spaces but hyphens instead as these are seen as spaces. For example, www. my-keyword-phrase.html. Also, keep your filename in the root directory or as high up the hierarchy as possible and in an ideal world, your domain name should also be keyword rich or at least contain your keyword in some way, shape or form.

Clean Code

Try and avoid using any JavaScripts, heavily nested tables or session IDs. Flash is also something which one should avoid as this causes all sorts of indexing issues although Google seems to be getting better at crawling Flash sites. If you want to specify fonts, colours, sizes and more then these can be incorporated inside CSS or external include files. This means that the Googlebot can crawl your content quickly past all the clutter and without any major problems. The more the code conforms to web standards, the better. You can visit the website of the World Wide Web Consortium (w3c) and test your site code against their many validators.

Navigational Structure

Create a site structure which the crawlers can access quickly. Try to avoid using Flash or JavaScript and stay with simple HTML keyword anchor text for maximum effect.

Image Optimisation

This can be a very powerful way to drive traffic. For example if we want to target the term 'blue type widget' we would save our image as blue-type-widget.jpg. We then use the keyword phrase and place it inside the 'alt' text and then place this code towards where the keyword is mentioned in your site content. So our code will look something like this; < src ="blue-type-widget.jpg" alt="Blue Type Widget">. If this is a low competition key phrase, then chances are you may rank high in Google images or other search engines. This is nice referral traffic and all helps towards your AdSense clicks.


Internal page linking can be a good way to tell Google about the theme of your pages. By using targeted relevant anchor text, you can help increase your rankings and also help to distribute any PageRank your site may have. Don't do this to every keyword you can think of but maybe a few potential keywords in a page.


This is what makes or breaks your page. All the above techniques will compliment your page and SEO efforts if you have good quality content that is relevant to your website's theme and user's search, this will in turn add value. They say that 'content is king' and this has always been the case ever since the inception of the world wide web. Don't forget to use bold and italics to emphasise points in your content but don't overdo it.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that to build a long-term sustainable site, one must adhere to white hat techniques and good SEO practices as this will not only build trust and credibility, but a solid foundation for your pages to rank high and earn you revenue for the future.

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On Page Optimisation - Major Factors

Optimisation for a website is of two kinds: on page and off page. Most of the techniques that are used to bring the website to the top positions in the search engines are those for on page optimisation. There are two kinds of on page optimisation: one that is based on the structure of the website and other based on the content.


Domain: Your domain should talk to the users. It should have your major keywords. Also, get name in the URL, which can help you go a long way.

About Us
This is self-explanatory. To buy from you, customers need to know who you are. An About Us page explaining who you are and what exactly you are doing can be helpful.

Contact page:

Make sure you have a contact page with all the contact details like phone numbers, postal addresses and e-mail Ids. Also, providing these details in all relevant pages of your website would be a great help for the users and can accelerate the sales.


A page that answers all the Frequently Asked Questions will be a great help and attraction to the visitors. Moreover adding your keywords there can lure the attention of search engines too.

Privacy Policy page:

Again another factor that can help in the optimisation of your website. Though most of the human visitors seldom read this page it can satisfy the search engines.

Robots.txt file:

Do you want to hide any page from the search engine? Limit the search engines' access to your website using a robots.txt file.

Site map:

Site map contains all the links to your web pages. A good site map would help the users and search engines alike by providing a summary of your website structure and a pathway to your interior pages respectively.

404 error page:

If any of your web pages have become dysfunctional let that be known to the users and search engines through a 404 error page.



Of course, the most important aspect of the content. Use keywords that are relevant to your content and business. Make sure they are not overused. Also, make use of them at all relevant areas like header tags, page title, alt tags, categories headings, etc.

Text content:

This is where you need to be really careful. You need to satisfy both the search engines and the human visitors. The main optimising factor here is of course the keywords. However, you are selling the product to human visitors and not to search engines. Hence, if you think a few paragraphs stuffed with your keywords is going to bring the result you want you can stop your optimisation then and there. Human visitors need good, interesting and convincing content.

Title tags:

Since the title tag is displayed on top of your web page you need to take a lot of time and care to create it. Also, instead of making it long and too descriptive, keep it short and crisp using only the most necessary words. Also, its always better to have a title for all the pages in your website.


Another area that you can take advantage of to add keywords. Add relevant headings that can guide the users as to what the following text would talk about.

Alt attributes:

Alt attributes are those that explain an image. Since the alt attributes are loaded before the actual image itself they function as a guide to what the image will be about.

Anchor text:

Anchor texts are the clickable text links in the page. Inserting keywords as anchor text can help in optimising for users and search engines.

You can consider on page optimisation as one of the initial and crucial factors of your actual SEO process. On page optimisation more or less decides the effectiveness of the off page optimisation. Do a great job of on page optimisation and your SEO process would be much more simple and easy.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Keywords For Your Website

When choosing keywords for your website, it's important to understand that not all competition for keywords is created equal. I'll give you an example to show you what I mean.

Imagine you check the keyword for "large dog collars" into Google with quotes. And the results are 25,000 competing sites. Next you check the keyword "how to lose weight fast with xyz". You check that keyword and the results say 25,000. You may believe that it's just as easy to create a webpage optimized for the weight loss keyword as it is the dog collar keyword. However, that's not the case. Here's why:

The sites that are competing for the dog collar keyword are created by people probably not as SEO savvy as the weight loss group. In their words, in the highly competitive areas such as weight loss, even if you find a relatively low traffic keyword, it is not as easy to rank well for that keyword as it is in an area like dog collars where there may not be as many SEO professionals. In the large areas, there are more SEO professionals optimizing for those pages. So even if the competition is the same for a keyword, the quality of that competition may be very different.

It is far easier to use SEO and rank well in smaller areas than in large areas regardless of what the individual keyword competition shows. It's very important to remember this because many beginners choose to go into those large areas such as weight loss, dating, home foreclosures, etc. thinking they can find keywords which have little competition and then be able to write for them. Always remember that in those large areas there's much money to be made and where the money is, the professionals will follow. Not nearly as many professional SEOers will be creating sites in the smaller niches that aren't as lucrative.

So do your homework and research the areas well. If you spend your time in the smaller niches, you will have less competition and faster results.

Steve Weber

Monday, 9 November 2009

Website Design and SEO

Internet marketing, no doubt, has integrated various market and business economies into one global economy. As far as conveniences of targeted customers are concerned, it is nothing short of a boon. For business enterprises, internet marketing has opened various accesses of avenues by marketing essential and profitable plans to their clients who cling over their websites for such links. This remarkable turn of events in the smooth functioning of global market is largely attributed to two of its most integral parts: Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A Web Design is nothing but the process of designing web pages, websites, web applications or any other web multimedia. This essential component of internet marketing is quite helpful in generating a substantial environment in order to access and distribute valuable information in numerous formats. In order to lure huge traffic to your website, your website design should be properly fabricated so that it is rich in relevant content that a visitor wants to seek. By and large, the whole process is sophisticated but it's still undoubtedly the most reliable progression to reach to the global audience with their products, services or ideas on display on the internet.

A Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, is solely responsible for reformulating and defining the volume of traffic to a website from search engine via algorithmic search results. To shape an effective internet marketing strategy, SEO is simply a mechanism or tool of how search engine works and what targeted clients or customers search for. Optimization of a web site entirely depends on HTML coding and editing its content. Its benefits are supremely eye catching. An effective SEO strategy always comes with endless opportunities and is always handy, and together it creates some of the biggest strategies like link popularity, keyword research and website marketing. What actually it does is that it prepares the content (attractive and rich in relevant information) and draws users or clients to your website. When the same content is distributed properly with keyboard phrases, it allows search engines spiders to bring out the proper and best ratings. Similarly, all the other pages mark a striking resemblance to a central theme in some or the other way.

Thus, work in tandem, or in other words, both are closely related to each other. Choosing a professional web designer and an equally efficient expert in SEO is a daunting task for most of the company owners as an unprofessional web site can't be regarded as trustworthy. This could land you in some serious trouble as you are bereft of some of the desirable patrons essentially needed to market or advertise your items on the internet. In brief, a fine web site design would take in the confidence of any business owner in order to arrive at a good search engine ranking. This is the reason why online marketing professionals focus a lot more than usual on web design techniques and SEO.

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Easy Navigation in Web Design

Website exist on the internet for various reasons; some use it for personal reasons, some for business and some for marketing reasons. Whatever is the reason for a website, it is important that the website has a professional looking web design to project the required image of the business or person.

It is generally better to create a web design that is structural and interactive so that it is service oriented. This way, the intention of providing information via the website is met as surfers find it easy and convenient to access that information.

Poor website are of no use

Always remember that the primary goal of a web design is to meet the visitor's demands and expectations. This can be done with an effective web design for a poorly designed website is of no use at all. Poor website designs only lead to poor load time of the website, poor content in the website, poor navigation, poor browser compatibility, poor organization and on the whole, poor overall appearance of the website.

Besides offering information about your service or product, the website has to have a face value that directly reflects your personality or business. It is only with these tips implemented in your web design will you be able to gain heavy website traffic, increase your website popularity, use numerous reciprocal links and work at marketing sales from visitors.

It is always better to aim at creating a web design that is simple where everything is obvious to the new visitor. The best thing to do is to stick to a simple and interactive website design like in Google, Yahoo and eBay. These sites follow standard layout patterns with logos, content and navigation links all found in the right places.

Implement a proper navigation menu in the website design

Ensure that your web design has a proper navigation menu so that your visitors can use the website with ease. This way, they will be able to find out what they were looking for in the website in the first place.

When adding colors to your website, use them to a minimal. It is with the right color scheme and combination that you will be able to create a professional looking website design. Too many colors only spoil the impact of the website, and can be irritating to many people.

Use a meaningful and well-formed title when creating your website makes it easier for visitors to find the contents of the website. So build your website using a meaningful and well formed title.

Consistency is important in the website design

Of course, it is very important to maintain consistency in your website. This can be done with the help of CSS style, which is a time saver in maintaining consistency. With the right use of CSS, your website is easily accessible by visitors and the search engine.

Similarly, use the same hyperlinks, background and navigation menu in your web deign. You could also consider using web design templates so that there is consistency in the website. With the right control and use of HTML and XHTML code in your web design, you will also be able to improve the accessibility, compatibility and usability of your website.

John Mahoney is a freelance author who writes about Website Designing. For more information about John visit his website:

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Flourishes and Swirls in Inkscape

A short tutorial on creating vector flourishes and swirls in Inkscape the open source Vector graphics program.

Video by Webmojo SEO Web Design Doncaster

Friday, 6 November 2009

Web Design a little later

Ive been up and running or should say slowly walking for a little while the birth of my youngest son a year tomorrow slowed things down a little but I'm starting to build more momentum again. It's a little slow at the moment and that's mainly due to me finding it difficult to juggle looking after a baby and working. I'm promoting webmojo Web Design Doncaster as much as I can at the moment.

My intention is to network at least five times a month ill let you know how that goes.