Friday, 13 November 2009

SEO vs. PPC - What Is the Difference Between The Two

When talking about SEO and PPC, we know that both methods drive targeted traffic to your website. While both methods are used by website owners to drive traffic to their websites, there are many differences between the two.

The first difference of the two is the location that the website listing is displayed. The SEO (organic listings) are considered as regular listings in the search engine results. With PPC, the listings are going to be on the top of the regular listings and/or on the right hand side of the regular listings in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The second difference between SEO and PPC is the traffic potential. With PPC listings, you are able to get your listings in the search engine results in about a day or two. With organic listings, you are going to have to wait for the search engines to find your website and index your pages. The downside of PPC is the time that it is going to take to manage your listings to make them efficient. Once your site has been indexed and is getting results for the key phrases you want, your organic listings tend to produce more traffic than PPC. Studies have shown that users are three to five times as likely to click on a regular listing in the search engine results as opposed to a paid ad (PPC).

The third difference is pretty obvious. This would be the cost that is involved between the two. While SEO (organic listings) are free, unless you are paying someone to optimize your site, PPC listings are going to cost you money per click. The amount that you are paying per click is going to depend on which program you are using and which keyword or keyword phrases you are targeting. You are going to see with PPC that you can be paying 5 cent per click or you could be paying up to $20. It all depends on the competition of the keywords you are bidding for.

While we have mentioned the differences between SEO and PPC, they both have their benefits. While your organic listings are free, they take time to obtain. What method you will use will depend on your time frame and your advertising budget. Some people use both of these methods to achieve their success.
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