Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Is There a Need for Another Web Design Company

That is the big question. I was told the story of another small business hopeful, this person wanted to become self employed as a domestic cleaner. She did everything right , leaflets , newspaper adds and yet no calls.
My opinion about the above situation is that she did everything right, but just in the wrong place. The area she was targeting is a relatively deprived area , who's going to spend £10 per hour on a cleaner? Yorkshire in general does not have a large disposable income.

With regard to myself and setting up a web design business things I need to identify are
  • Target market
  • Best way to reach this target market
  • Most cost effective way to reach target market
  • What prices are people willing to pay

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Things are Starting to Move

Went to see the North Doncaster Development Trust today met with a lovely lady called Jenny and she explained to myself about what funding and support is available to new startups and young businesses in the area. There is a fund of a few million to help the people of Doncaster start businesses or to train to increase there chances of getting decent job, there are jobs in doncaster but mainly in call centers, manufacturing or warehousing but this sort of thing is just not for me. Jenny has referred me to Business Link,I will let you know how it goes.