Sunday, 15 November 2009

Web Design Features That a Web Designer Should Focus on

Certain elements and features will encourage visitors to keep coming to your website when they are present. You should therefore ensure that the web designer company of your choice incorporates these elements in your website. Some of these features include suitable colors and designs, pictures, simple and attractive layouts, contact form, revealing/informative wordings and easy to read font /font size.

Pictures and graphics features play great role in personalizing your website, making it look welcoming to your visitors. These elements create a real atmosphere to the visitors of the site, who would eventually come back to make actual purchase of your goods/and or services.

The choice of font, font size and font color also matters a great deal when structuring a website; a web designer company should endeavor to use the font style, color and size that would not make the visitors to strain their eyes before they are able to read the texts on the website; other wise, they will get frustrated and give up. This does not also suggest a large font size or decorative looking font style; moderation should be applied when using this feature in a website.

A website design should also be neat and orderly in structure and presentation. There should be no difficulty in locating features such as links, menu bar and other navigational tools; these features should be well organized within the website. No visitor would want to keep coming to a cluttered site, how much more making an actual purchase; ensure that the web designing firm of your choice has well organized websites in their portfolio before contracting them. This is the only way to be sure that you are not getting a haphazard website at the end of the day.

It is also necessary to supply rich and sufficient information about your business products and services on your website; this is also an important feature of a good website design. Remember that the website is the only promotional tool you have for your online business; so you have to ensure that you are putting every piece of information that your potential clients need to know about your business and what you have to offer them. Ensure that the web designer company of your choice pays great attention to this vital element.

Contact information is another vital feature of the website that should not be treated with levity. Your business contact information should be conspicuously placed within the website so that your potential customers can easily see it for a future communication or inquiry on how to purchase your product or service. There should be an email, instant message contact or phone contact to prove that you are genuine and can be reached easily. Ensure that your business website email contact is connected to your domain name to further prove that your business is genuine and is being operated professionally.

A good web designer company should focus on these basic but important elements when designing websites for online business owners.

written by: Kiran Sonavane 
Posted by Doncaster Web Design

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