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SEO Tips

Writing for a website is not exactly the type of writing that most of us learned in high school. There are some important differences to understand before beginning writing for a website. The most important to remember is that while you are writing for an actual reader, you are also writing for Google or another search engine. This is roughly what is meant by SEO, or search engine optimization. In addition to how you write for a site, how the site is created and labeled is equally important.
When content, or articles, are uploaded onto a website, Google has something called spiders, which are programs that analyze the content looking for certain words and phrases which it then uses to index the site. Ever wonder why when you search for "Labrador retrievers" that only pages with that term are returned? It is because Google has located and indexed the sites with the most references to that term.
As a writer or web developer, you want to make sure that your content is on target to the overall direction of the site. For example, if the site is all about Labrador retrievers, then an article on Jack Russell terriers won't do any good for the overall rankings of the site. And in the Google ranking game, it is all about the rankings.
SEO is not just about writing articles, it is also about organization and labeling. Photos also can be optimized to increase ranking and will please the spiders. It is a good idea, and a staple of SEO to label photos with a keyword that you have targeted. For example, an unlabeled photo is generally given a name by the computer such as DSC00034.jpg. A name like this will not help the site at all. However, taking a few seconds to rename the photo "Labrador retriever running" will show up as an instance of the keyword and will improve the ranking.
Finally, when including photos on the site, it is important to optimize them not only for keywords, but for size and quality as well. We all enjoy looking at a beautiful image in high definition, but Google's spiders do not. Photoshop, Corel, or other image editing software can help resize and optimize images so that they can help you site look beautiful, not only to the people who visit, but to the Google spiders that will analyze it.

SECockpit is a website built around a keyword research tool. There are many tools that have been designed to help website owners find good keywords to build their sites around. Keyword research should be at the top of your checklist when beginning a new website. Finding an effective keyword research tool should also be at the top of your checklist.

Market town of retford

The market town of Retford, Nottinghamshire, England lies in the East Midlands of the country. It is about 31 miles in distance from the city of Nottingham, a much larger entity. Retford has a current population of about 21,400 people, and benefits in view from having the River Idle run through the center of the town.
King Henry III granted Retford its first charter, awarding it in 1246. This patent gave the town the right to hold a fair, which was later extended to the right to hold a market in 1275 by King Edward I ("the Longshanks"). The origins of the town's name are unclear, but many scholars believe it is derived from the name for an ancient fording point across the Idle. It was originally spelled 'Redforde,' due to the red-tinted clay riverbed and the reddish silt stirred up by river crossers.
Retford experienced a large fire in 1528 and languished until 1766, when the Great North Road was relocated to pass through the town's borders. It further benefitted from a canal in 1777 and then a railway line, which was laid down in 1849. This line ran the York to London route, with a stop in Retford. The road was relocated around the town in 1961, and part of the old road through the town is now mainly designed for pedestrian activities.
Of historical note, the town is home to the Bassetlaw Museum, which opened in 1983. There are also two theaters in town which host plays, music concerts and other stage-type events. Retford is near to an international airport (Robin Hood Airport), which was once a Royal Air Force airfield. This small airport has the longest runway in the United Kingdom, owing largely to its former military past.
The ceremonial and non-metropolitan county of Nottinghamshire, in which Retford sits, has a population of around 1.1 million people. It is also home to the famous city of Nottingham, of Robin Hood yore. It is also the ancestral home of Lord Byron. Both the town and county are steeped in English history and tradition.
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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Web Design Templates

Steven asks…

How do you charge for a web design template that is going to be applied to over 100 sites?

Long story short, a company wants me to make a template that will be applied to over 100 sites. Should I charge per site, an initial fee then a small fee per site, or just one price for all?

admin answers:

What is your client going to accept?
Who retains the rights to the work? If they do, then you can't really charge per site in the future, as the template is theirs and not yours.
If the bid is already in place, and you retain the rights, then charge per site.
If you're bidding against others, there's a chance they won't buy your service, or they own the final product, I'd say one price for the template, as nobody likes to deal with maintenance fees when extending their web presence. This is probably closest to billing by the hour.
Charles asks…

How come when I upload a downloaded web design template, the website has no style when published?

When I previewed it on notepad it was perfect but when I published it, the background was white, the links were purple, and the font was black. In other words no style.
I'm not familar with css. Also what is the directory? Thanks.
I am using Bullet Proof FTP Client 2.45. I am uploading this to a domain I bought through GoDaddy.
Do youe mean that I have to upload the file named "style" to /public_html/ ?

admin answers:

Make sure that the css file is uploaded to the same directory.
It will be the file that ends with .css and is called a 'cascading style sheet'
without it, a lot of your style will not appear.
If it has been uploaded, look through your .html until you find a line that says something like
make sure that the filename that href= points to is the name of the .css file.
Good luck, If you get stuck edit this question with details and i'll be back later to help.
EDIT: what method are you using to publish your site? Are you placing it somewhere on the internet?
If you need help, you can IM me, my yahoo screenname is my answers name.
Thomas asks…

web design application and templates?

Can anyone suggest a a good web design application for windows for a complete beginner but not front page.
Also anywhere I can get free templates etc.

admin answers:

Build your own professional looking site quickly and easily with do-it-yourself website builder, Ad free hosting, Social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter integration, Add 3rd party content like Youtube, Myspace video, Google maps.
1. Http://
2. Http://
3. Http://
4. Http://
Mandy asks…

Were a can find good web design site templates?

admin answers:

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Best free Web Design Software

Ken asks…
Which is the best free web design software ?

I want to design a website and host.I have already registered my website. Can any one tell which is free WYSWYG type free website editor.
admin answers:

Here's my recommendation, if you're looking to build a website with a piece of free software, you can use "pagebreeze". But here is the problem with free html need to know how to design and build a site to use them.

If you're new, here's what I recommend, I suggest you go with a hosting company that has a great free site builder which already offers 100's of site templates to start with. Also, look for a hosting company that offers a script installer called "fantastico" this will allow you to use free scripts to make your sites better.

Another idea is to use Wordpress to build your site. Wordpress has thousands and thousands of free templates online. The hardest problem for most newbies is installing Wordpress, after that, it's a breeze. But if you go with a hosting company that has "fantastico", this little tool will install if automatically for you. It's designed for newbies.

This is probably best way to get a nice looking site up, cheaply and easily. It will probably definitely come out looking better this way if you have no web design experience.

If you need a suggestion for a hosting company that has all of these features above, I recommend

I personally use them and they're great. If you're starting out, I recommend getting their "baby" plan. If you want to get started cheaply, here's coupon code that will get your first month for 1 penny...

Coupon code: bwg0713now

I can't guarantee how long this coupon will be good for.

Hope this helps.

Daniel asks…
What's the best web design software?

I want to design a web site, and I have an outdated Frontpage program. I used to do web design years ago and I know html code and I'm familiar with a FTP program. So I'm wondering what might be a good new program to buy. I don't know what any of the other extensions are good for like asp etc. Are there web design software programs that just do java programs now or other things like that? I'm just curious what you all think is a good software to use and what's the easiest one to learn. Thanks
admin answers:

Dreamweaver and Photoshoop is the best combination - but they can be expensive.

Paul asks…
What is the best web page design software?

What is the best web page design software for someone who is new to building web sites but wants to build a comprehensive site that will consist of multiple pages and integrates photos, videos and interactive links?

Thank you for your opinions and advice in advance.
admin answers:

Most definitely Dreamweaver. Download the trial version and have a play around with it.

Mark asks…
what do you think is the best web design software?

I want to know what do you think is the best web design software for me since I have a background on HTML, JAVA and C++
admin answers:

You could try dream weaver that's what i use.

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Ubuntu Themes

Chris asks…
Can I save my Ubuntu themes and settings to an iso image?

I have Ubuntu 9.10 jazzed up to look like a Mac and I wanted to give it to a friend so he can mess with it to. Normally, I would just give him the theme but I want him to have the whole blow OS.
admin answers:

You can do this by creating a custom LiveCD/DVD using a piece of software called Remastersys

HowTo Create a Custom Ubuntu LiveCD/DVD with Remastersys (Ubuntu 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04)

Once Remastersys is installed to create the custom LiveCD/DVD open a Terminal a submit the following command :

sudo remastersys backup custom.iso


Donald asks…
What Ubuntu themes would you suggest?

I am on ubuntu 8.10 using GNOME and I want to try some other themes for the desktop. I am using the default Human theme and the preinstalled ones do not interest me at all.
What are some that you would suggest.

Also what are some screenlets or widget would you suggest?
admin answers:

Look for some new themes here.

I personally use the Gotchione theme. If you want to personalize Ubuntu even further then you should look into Emerald.

John asks…
where can i find cool ubuntu themes?

i would like to find a ubuntu theme that is dark, transparent and futuristic or computerized? Something that resembles hackers i have the die hard one but i would like to use something else.
admin answers:

Take a look at GNOME LOOK.ORG


George asks…
Can i change or download themes on Ubuntu?

Hi, i am thinking about installing Linux Ubuntu. I was wondering weather or not it is possible to put themes on. something like a black theme??

admin answers:

Of course, u can.
If you are going to use Gnome Desktop,
if you are going to use KDE Desktop,

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