Monday, 16 November 2009

Give Your Website Life

Recently I visited the site of superwritergirl. Wow! Talk about a website with personality. My site seems a little bland now. Most websites are a little bland in comparison.

Not every web site should be bright red but you do need to set yourself apart from the competition. Your web site needs to be inviting and memorable. You can gauge the level of professionalism you need based on what you do and what your visitors will appreciate. A website that looks like any other web site, whether simple or flashy and complex, fades quickly from memory. I have forgotten most web sites I visited in the time it takes to click my mouse.

Design your website as if you are the leader in your industry. This does not mean you need to boast, just design your site as if you are already in first place. Give people a reason to remember your website. You can do this many ways from giving them a free eBook to take along (download) to a video that captures their attention.

Decide on the personality of your website. This might be:

• in your face

• humorous

• serious business

• knowledgeable

• sincere

• reference source

• thoughtful

• rebellious

or something else.

Deciding on a personality will help you set the tone for content, graphics, fonts, videos, and format. No personality is the worst. The last thing you want is for your web site to become a wall flower sitting on the side lines waiting for someone to ask it to dance.

Written by Jason Nyback
posted by Web Design Doncaster

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