Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Writing For SEO - Choosing the Wrong Words

When people talk about writing with SEO in mind, they're usually referring to the act of repeating targeted keywords throughout the body of their text. In fact, I've seen many SEO writing software help in this regard, suggesting synonyms and similarly useful ideas. Problem is, their mind is usually focused on the exact terms they're trying to rank for, rather than their use of words in the rest of the document.

This isn't necessarily bad. After all, when you're trying to rank for certain terms, it pays to focus on them when putting together the text that appears on your webpage. Here comes the quandary: if you work in this manner, you can't anticipate the less-than-desirable terms you may end up ranking for, attracting a good amount of untargeted visitors in the process.

Let's say you run a website about "job hunting" and decide to target the keywords: "find job," "job hunt" and "job search." If you do your SEO right, you're likely to rank for those terms. However, if the rest of your text mentions a term such as "blow" (as in, "You don't want to blow the job application"), you can easily rank for that popular term that puts the words "blow" and that synonym for work together - not exactly the kind of audience you're looking for.

To put it simply, you will need to anticipate the context of the terms people will be searching for, along with your keywords. After all, those people looking for "that" kind of information isn't really likely to be interested in what you have to offer. While it wouldn't hurt to have them see your site and leave, isn't it better to use the opportunity offered by the rest of your text to draw in readers who can become actual prospects?
written by Jane Sumerset

Posted by SEO Company Sheffield

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