Thursday, 17 February 2011

Web Design Doncaster

A little while ago we produced an advert for out Website Design Company an placed it on Youtube. We produced it in 3d using at the time 3d studio max.

If your interested in learning web design a good start is WC3 schools

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Website Design Company what to look for

Have you noticed that when you buy something, you buy it from someone you trust? It may be an individual or a company, it doesn't matter, but what matters the most is that you feel comfortable that your money will be safe and the company or person you will buy from will never cheat and will always provide quality output.

You must have also noticed that when you buy from someone you know nothing about, then you always hesitate a lot and think several times that whether to move ahead or not. As your money is involved in the deal, it is your right to be cautious and choose a reliable and trustworthy company.

The same way, when you are ready to create your online presence, you will need a top quality website. If you Google, then you will come across millions of web design companies claiming to provide exceptional designs at affordable rates. Again, with so many companies in front of you, it won't be easy for you to trust and choose a company for this big job. After all, you are taking your business online or starting a new business, if the quality of design is not good, then it's your business that will suffer, the design company will simply take their money and go away. Therefore, it's your right to be cautious.

There are several factors that can allow you to judge and find a trustworthy website design company. Let's discuss them now:
First of all, you need to look at their website and see how nicely they have created their own online presence. Do you think they have managed to portray their design services professionally? If there is any doubt or if you think that their own design is not even attractive, then there is no need to deal with such a company. After all, if they claim to give an attractive look to your business, then why can't they first give an attractive look to their own business?

Secondly, you need to check and see their portfolio. How many different industries they have catered to? Their profile doesn't necessary have to be long, but whatever is there should be attractive. If their portfolio is unable to grab your attention, then you don't need to waste your time there.

Another thing that you need to check is their clients' testimonials. They will allow you to judge their credibility. It is advisable to visit the sites of the clients too and check what sort of designs they received that pleased them completely and even made them write a testimonial. You will be able to find some testimonials on their home page or you will see a page dedicated to it.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Questions That Your Ecommerce Website Design Needs To Answer

An ecommerce website is the gateway of your business to the wide world of inline trade. If you make sure that your business place is in top condition and equipped with the latest gadgets and amenities, the same care should be afforded your online presence.The way that your ecommerce website design is done needs to meet some strict criteria if you want it to be your strong point in taking in clients and sales.
Is your ecommerce website accessible 24/7?
Business never sleeps, most especially online. Millions of potential clients are always available, and transactions are always in demand. To make the most of the power of the internet to funnel clients right your computer screen, your ecommerce website must offer a reliable entry point. Downtimes are the death song of any online business, one that a clever businessman needs to avoid at all cost.
Start up online businesses is more in need of good ecommerce website design to help strengthen their presence.
Are you getting the lowest cost overhead in your website operation?
Money and monthly payments are important part in running an online business. Establishing your brand online will need investments for bandwidth, storage, maintenance, and future expansion. Proper planning can make an ecommerce website self sustaining after a short while, financing its operation from its own income.
Your ecommerce website should be designed to make money and not to suffer financial losses. Some sites take a long time to recoup their investments, but a good site will ultimately return a profit after sometimes.
Ease of Use
Your website design should be targeted to the most number of users. You can only gain more followers and attract more customers if they will know how to do business with you through the site - the easier the interface to use the better for the customers.
Remember that not every internet user has a degree in computer science, so it is important to make sure that the design is easy to follow. Clear instructions are important feature of a user friendly site, one that will relieve you of a lot of future headaches that may result from client complaints.
The user friendliness of an online business is an important consideration that customers look into. Doing business in a way that makes the user confident of what to do in every transaction is a sure way to attract loyal client base.
Complete Feature
A good website design should incorporate features that are needed to help secure online transactions such as selling and buying. Every aspect of these transactions should be held with the best security measures in place to earn the confidence of your customers. Important features that aid the user experience when transacting with your ecommerce site will help build trust between your and the clients.
An online business can rise and fall with your Ecommerce Website Design. Consequently, the financial performance of your business will be affected by how your website offers services to the clients.