Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Website Design and Search Engine Marketing

A properly designed website should be written well for both the reader and for the search engines. It should have a nice clean banner on top, flash if necessary but not a flash intro as these are not Google(search) friendly. It should have clean easy to read navigation buttons on top or on the left margin. The body should have plenty of relative content for the reader. It should have a nice matching color schema and a few high resolution images.

Call it a "dot-com name," a URL, or a domain. Whatever you call it, it's the cornerstone of your online presence. Choose your domain name wisely, preferably a.COM and not a variation( etc.)

Most companies offer customers one or two domain servers -- one main server, and one for backup. When you register your domain name it should be backed by six servers distributed around the U.S. The result? Superior connectivity and reliability.

Discover the three critical roles Graphic Design plays on your Website, and how 'look and feel' impacts your target audience. Learn about the two call to action types, signposts and offers, and how and when to use them.

History has shown 25,000 unique visitors daily could produce 100 or more buyers on your checkout page. Your website designer should include search engine optimization or SEO in the build.

Then lastly the site should be set up for on-page optimization as to be visible to search engines. This in itself is somewhat time consuming if done correctly. Google algorithms change almost daily and it most cases are not for the do-it-yourself er!

John Biondo
posted by Web Design Doncaster

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