Monday, 16 November 2009

People's Misconceptions About SEO

Search engine optimization is a specialized field. It's one of those rare disciplines that incorporate art and science. A good instinct for what strategies and content will work is also an important part of SEO. Unfortunately, because search engine optimization is still a relatively new concept for many people (especially those that are new to putting up a web site on the internet), certain misconceptions arise about what SEO can and cannot do. Here are just some of them.

- Web designers know about search engine optimization so they can just handle it when the web site is built. The truth of the matter is that only a few, if at all, will know about the intricacies of search engine optimization. SEO is a specialized service and although a web designer can make a web site "SEO-friendly", it is not the same as making a web site "search engine-optimized."

- Getting a company to promote your keywords is already SEO. This is a belief that is erroneous. Promoting your company's keywords is, indeed a part of good SEO, but it is not the only thing that should be done. Paying a company to just do keyword promotion is a short-sighted way of doing SEO and, frankly, should at least be seen with a little skepticism especially if the company tells you that keyword promotion is "just the same as" search engine optimization.

- You can already sit back and relax when the web site has been optimized is another common misconception. People think that SEO is a one-time project. But the truth is that search engine optimization is an ongoing effort. Even though a web site being optimized is already a significant level of progress. There should still be ongoing strategies and efforts to continuously tweak the web site and thus constantly generate relevant links.

- A company can guarantee a number one listing on a search engine like Google. This could probably the most common misconception about search engine optimization. Google's algorithms are a big secret and constantly being changed. There are some SEO companies that are good at their work while others are not. Some are expensive while others are not. In other words, SEO companies are a diverse lot, but not one of them can absolutely guarantee a claim as a big as a number one result in Google or Yahoo or MSN. Be wary of this claim. Usually companies that claim this are only claiming a top search result for an obscure search term.

- Buying a piece of SEO software is as effective as hiring an SEO company. Nothing can be farther from the truth. A well written piece of software for SEO purposes may be a good enough to start your initial SEO efforts but it won't be as thorough or as personalized as an actual SEO team that works on optimizing your web site. Technology is good, but it can never replace the time and effort that a dedicated team of SEO experts will put on a web site. It also won't compare with the results that the latter will bring.

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Written by Jason McCarran

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