Monday, 3 January 2011

The Secret Revealed For Internet Marketing

Online Networking - The secret revealed for internet marketing is far more than a catchy title. Here, in this article, I will reveal the most common mistake that is the cause of failure in the networking Industry.

Many people today who are working online businesses and MLM businesses are failing to making money by working at home, and the reason for that failure is very simple in a lot of cases. People fail regardless of how good their product is, they fail regardless of how many leads they have, they fail regardless of how many hours per day they spend on the computer, and they fail regardless of how many faxes, text messages, phone burners or emails they send out each day. The fact that they fail should tell them something, but most people who fail blame the product, or blame the customer for not buying it, or just blame poor dumb luck on everything.

Hundreds and hundreds of wanna be work-from-home online marketers are struggling in business and sometimes failing in multiple businesses at the same time, still with no idea of why success eludes them. Even though they email constantly, fax every business that has a listed number, their phone burner calls 200 numbers per day, and even though they text everybody about their new opportunity, people just don't seem to want to sign up. Well, there is one simple fact that is missing from all of these faxes and text messages, recorded phone calls, and emails and here it is: Networking is not about contacting fax machines, or contacting an email, and not about getting a text to go through. Networking is about dealing with PEOPLE and not contacting technology.

Sure, tools are nice to have. But far too many people are being led to believe that technology should do all the work, while they sit back and just collect money and get rich. The truth is that people spend money, people buy things, and people accept opportunities. Its not the fax or phone or automated email that will be joining your opportunity in order to make a house payment or feed a family. Real people are out there and if you want to work with them, you will have to talk with them, get involved with them, and show them some consideration for their situation.

If you are into internet marketing, SEO, MLM, or Marketing any kind of product, then use all the tools available to you, including yourself. Pick up the phone and start talking to people on a personal level. Don't try to sell somebody something, but instead, find out if you can help them achieve their goals. Nobody wants to be bombarded with phone burner messages and emails all day long and in fact, one simple phone call might make you more money than a thousand emails and faxes. Just make sure it's really you on the phone!