Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Best free Web Design Software

Ken asks…
Which is the best free web design software ?

I want to design a website and host.I have already registered my website. Can any one tell which is free WYSWYG type free website editor.
admin answers:

Here's my recommendation, if you're looking to build a website with a piece of free software, you can use "pagebreeze". But here is the problem with free html editors...you need to know how to design and build a site to use them.

If you're new, here's what I recommend, I suggest you go with a hosting company that has a great free site builder which already offers 100's of site templates to start with. Also, look for a hosting company that offers a script installer called "fantastico" this will allow you to use free scripts to make your sites better.

Another idea is to use Wordpress to build your site. Wordpress has thousands and thousands of free templates online. The hardest problem for most newbies is installing Wordpress, after that, it's a breeze. But if you go with a hosting company that has "fantastico", this little tool will install if automatically for you. It's designed for newbies.

This is probably best way to get a nice looking site up, cheaply and easily. It will probably definitely come out looking better this way if you have no web design experience.

If you need a suggestion for a hosting company that has all of these features above, I recommend http://www.hostgator.com

I personally use them and they're great. If you're starting out, I recommend getting their "baby" plan. If you want to get started cheaply, here's coupon code that will get your first month for 1 penny...

Coupon code: bwg0713now

I can't guarantee how long this coupon will be good for.

Hope this helps.

Daniel asks…
What's the best web design software?

I want to design a web site, and I have an outdated Frontpage program. I used to do web design years ago and I know html code and I'm familiar with a FTP program. So I'm wondering what might be a good new program to buy. I don't know what any of the other extensions are good for like asp etc. Are there web design software programs that just do java programs now or other things like that? I'm just curious what you all think is a good software to use and what's the easiest one to learn. Thanks
admin answers:

Dreamweaver and Photoshoop is the best combination - but they can be expensive.

Paul asks…
What is the best web page design software?

What is the best web page design software for someone who is new to building web sites but wants to build a comprehensive site that will consist of multiple pages and integrates photos, videos and interactive links?

Thank you for your opinions and advice in advance.
admin answers:

Most definitely Dreamweaver. Download the trial version and have a play around with it.

Mark asks…
what do you think is the best web design software?

I want to know what do you think is the best web design software for me since I have a background on HTML, JAVA and C++
admin answers:

You could try dream weaver that's what i use.

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