Monday, 5 April 2010

Skip Flash Intro

Your users hate your portal! Cunnington says "Users hate flash because it's a barrier to the site." When users enter your domain or locate you after a rigorous Google search they are expecting results, all too often they find a site loading bar and the option to 'skip intro'.

As much as you may have enjoyed the story your web designer gave you when developing your site, your users are contributing to the largest statistic on the web because of your decision, "Flash animations are an obvious, yet stellar, Example of what users hate in a Web site; the skip intro button is the most used button on the Internet." says Theresa Cunnington, senior usability consultant with services firm iFocus. Your fun, funky and fancy video is standing in the way of the results your users are searching for and if this is how you introduce the site chances are they will have various other areas that they will have to waste time awaiting the site to load.

Consider this, your user will revisit your site at least one other time after their initial visit, if they are loyal or in need of the information on your site, do they really need to see your flash video each time they access your site? Here contributing to the skip intro button being the most used button on the internet. In addition to the chances being slim that a user is really that captivated to view your video, will it be 30 seconds, 5 seconds, either way they don't know ahead of time and they are not willing to waste the time to find out. Save your users time and your stats bounce rate, invest time into make your site an authority on the subject matter you are presenting. Take the simple and clean approach to presenting the information, cut down on the clicks needed to access information on your site. Your users will thank you by spending more time on your site instead of moving on to your competitors.

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