Wednesday, 21 April 2010

SEO Web Design Explained

SEO Web design as the title suggests is an amalgamation of website design and SEO. There are some strong reasons why you should use a company that is expert in SEO and website design. To explain this further we need to break down what is website design and what is SEO
Web Design
For the dedicated web designer, designing a website is every about the look with considerations given to how substantially the design communicates the message. The use of graphics and the typography is there to support the core communication.
Many web designers come from a graphics background and hold on to a basic grasp of the code behind the design and may depend strongly on web design packages such as Dreamweaver to help them produce the end product. Many of theses designers are able to produce designs that a visually very attractive
For the SEO its every about the traffic. Getting visitors to your site they rely on statistics and conversion rates. From a design point of view it's all about making it easier for the search engines to crawl and index your website.
The skills of good SEO's should never be underestimated as they can help a business thrive by delivering targeted visitors, identifying search trends and even newborn markets.
SEO Web Design is...

When you combine these two disciplines, what you get is a web designer's that can produce great looking websites while creating a design that is optimised to produce great search engine results.
On page optimisation is easer as the site structure is designed to place the most relevant content higher up in the page.This is where SEO web design comes into play As a rule of thumb, the closer to the top of a page a word or phrase is placed the more relevant it is to the search engines.
Image optimisation
The optimisation of the web images this is done by the use of file names, title text and alt tags this can be used to support the overall website theme
Linking text optimisation
Optimising the way the pages are linked by the use of keyword rich links as opposed to generic terms like "home" or "about us"
Conclusion I hit done my best to discover the basics of why SEO web design is so crucial to long term success of any website. As you can see there is more to website design then just making things look nice or getting traffic. For a website to work it has to appeal to the senses as well as the search engine algorithms. Striking a fine balance between the two gives SEO web design it's strength.

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