Wednesday, 23 December 2009

SEO and You - The Basics

When it comes to SEO you need to know the basics in order to create and rank a page ranking. Why is this important to you in your business? Simply put, SEO deals specifically with search engine optimization. The search engines will rank your page in accordance with certain high ranking terms and will present your page in their listings according to that ranking. It sends out "spiders" to crawl your site looking for those keywords. If they find them, then they will be ranked accordingly. There are several tools that can be used to create this.

So how do you use SEO to increase your page ranking and get you more business? The answer is deceptively simple. You will create a page loaded with quality content that includes certain keywords in a certain way and in a certain percentage in order to rank your page. Let's explain what keywords are and how to use them. You will begin by choosing certain keywords that will rank your page higher. Services such as Google AdWords can be of service here. You will choose keywords to include in your text that a spider will pick up.

You will then write a small advertisement with these keywords so that the search engines can rank your page. AdWords will give you a choice of words to use and some synonyms that can also be ranked. After you have chosen your advertisement, you will choose how long it will run and what the cost will be. When you used this service, you will need to wait at least one month before your results will be ranked accordingly. Now let's talk about writing quality content with SEO and just what that entails.

When you are working with SEO, you need to understand how SEO works and how to use it to rank your pages. When you are writing quality content, the content must be engaging as well as having keywords. So what is the legal keyword density as supplied by the WC3? The actual keyword density to keep you out of trouble is supposedly no more than 3%. Any more than that can get you into trouble with them and as some have found out, blacklisted. This would mean at least a word count of 500 that would be for 1 percent would be 5 times. This needs to be adhered to.

After you have got your web page up and working, then the search engines will begin to search your page and begin to rank you. It will take time in order to get the ranking right. You may need to tweak your pages in order to get the higher ranking. Careful research into keywords and keyword costs can help you to keep your advertisement costs very low. While you can pay high dollar for high ranking keywords, you need to keep your costs simple so that you don't bankrupt yourself. This is the SEO basics for ranking your site and keeping it in the public eye.

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