Wednesday, 23 December 2009

How Are Keywords Important to Your Network Marketing Business

What are keywords? They are words or phrases that people on the Internet use to search for product or services or other information. User of Google or some other search engine will type in words about information they are looking for. They don't know or care if they are good keywords; they are just looking information. The words or phrases the user types in becomes the key words that Google searches for on websites, blogs, article, etc. They can be one word or they can be a phrase. Google or other search engines will return search results that are ranked by relevancy.

How do you find good keywords? That is a great question. You can ask 10 people and you will get ten answers. Finding good words is an acquired skill. You jump and try some keywords and refine your words by what converts in the market. Having the right tools can make the process of finding words easier. You have access to several tools on the internet. Google provides an excellent keyword search tool. Wordtracker, also, has a free keyword search tool that works very well. Your job is to identify what words your target market is using in their searches on Google. Then position your information on your product or services with those keywords in the content so the search engines find your them and match it with the searchers request and to be displayed.

You are looking for words that help convert better. Continued research into the good converting words help form longer, long-tail keywords, more specific words. It will be difficult ranking high for a one-word keyword because there will be so many people using that word and they have more money than you. Long-tail keywords are words in a phrase, more than one or two words. For example: "Golf" is a very broad keyword and will return a lot of pages (309,000,000 pages), not very likely that someone will see your article or video; "Golf clubs" is better, more specific and less competition (37,600,000 pages); "Wood Golf Clubs" is more specific (1,810,000 ages). As you can see the more specific the keywords the less competition and more likely you can reach the first page of Google, which we all know is where the action is.

How do you use these words in your online business? Once you find good money keywords you use them in your article, video, titles and blogs. Anywhere you have a description or information that the search engines are going to look over and index. Google, Yahoo or Bing send out their spiders, small search program, to search for poplar keywords; place them in titles & sub-titles on your website or blog, in article titles and copy, and even in descriptions for videos on YouTube. This is the free search that you want. You are making your content visible as possible with words that users of the search engines are looking for. Want to increase Google's ranking of your site? Then start by adding your keywords to all parts of your website that you can (titles, sub-titles and other content) SEO is a complete package not just about the keywords in content only. The more times they show up in website titles, or blog categories the better your ranking. The whole package is what SEO is all about and create free traffic.

No one will we join your network marketing opportunity if they can't find you or it. Keywords are the connections that your content makes with the search engines. Money keywords are ones that users of Google, Yahoo or Bing are using to find information they are looking for. Don't forgot the great research tools that are available to you to reduce your work load, Google search tool or Wordtracker. Document your results so you can evaluate and adjust as needed. Once you have these words use them in your title, sub-title and copy in your website, article, blogs or videos. Don't abusive your use of these words. Besides you want your target market to think you know what you are talking about and get your point across in a knowledgeable manner.

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