Wednesday, 18 August 2010

How to Build Custom Websites

Custom websites are a great way for a merchant to reach out to potential customers. However, most of them have no idea about building websites. Web designers can help them build personalized sites that are very effective in drawing in traffic.

Good custom websites help business owners to reach out to potential customers and maintain contact with their existing customers worldwide. If you want to make a mark in the current marketing and business oriented world, then you must have an online presence. Having a website is an excellent way to interact with people and usually a good way to get exposure for your business.

You can get a website designed by your company's web designer or you can hire an outside firm to do the job for you. Once you decide on the web designer, you have to give him your specifications and requirement based on which he will come up with a design concept for your website. Custom websites are usually designed from the basics. They differ from template websites in the sense that they do not have a generic structure, or a layout, which is utilised repeatedly with a few changes in colour text and layout. Template websites typically have fixed number of rows and columns, backgrounds, navigation menus, headers, links, and logos. You choose a design that suits you and add elements of text, images, and graphics to it to create your own website.

Drafting custom websites with new ideas and body structures is no easy task. It requires years of expertise. An amateur web designer who has insufficient knowledge and experience will not be able to create a satisfactory custom website. Websites designed by skilled professionals give the essential distinctive and professional look to your company's online venture that helps it generate more site traffic.

While designing custom websites, keep in mind that your home page should have a welcoming and clutter free look. Visitors to website are usually turned away by heavy web pages that take a long time to load. Your home page should not give away all the details of your company but have essential information presented in a professional manner.

Make sure that navigation bars, headers, company logo, and the links to the other web pages of custom websites are all strategically positioned on the home page. Good navigation is the key to a good website. Make sure that all the internal links are redirected to their corresponding pages. A link to the home page is necessary on all the web pages.

Custom Websites enable your website to have a uniqueness that template websites do not offer. These websites also get you a higher ranking in search engines, increasing the volumes of traffic to your site.

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