Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Redefining Web Design - SEO Web Design, The Only Effective Way to Leverage Your Online Presence

There are a lot of web designers out there, and a lot of firms advertising the "best web design" available. We are of the school of thought that an effective web design is one that brings traffic to your website and revenue to your business. For that reason, you won't see us recommending Flash, you won't see us recommending HTML templates, and you won't see us recommending a design without SEO.
For a web design to be effective, you must have SEO. A thumbnail explanation of SEO is that the site speaks to the search engines in their language. It is optimized for the search engines. Why is that so crucial? Because the number of pages on the Internet is increasing at an exponential rate, and the competition for page 1 in Google, Yahoo or Bing will grow in intensity. It will be more & more difficult to rank on page one. In the more competitive niches, it is already impossible to rank on page one without good SEO; that will become the case for every niche in the very near future.
Good SEO can mean many different things; in terms of SEO web design, "good SEO" means on-page factors. Yes, you will also need to market your site to insure top placement in the search engines; on-age SEO factors are not enough in most cases (unless you are in an extremely tiny, non-competitive niche or hyper-niche) to insure top placement in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
The two go hand in hand. We are redefining good web design to be SEO Web Design.
The old school way of doing things was to create a website and then go hire a separate SEO expert to optimize it, oftentimes completely changing what the designer did because it was actually harmful for your search engine rankings. We value your money more than that; it makes more business sense to get it right from the start and create a website that has good SEO built into it.
SEO used to be a very expensive proposition, and it still is. Many firms will charge thousands of dollars for an SEO website. For a very limited time, one web firm is offering completely optimized, professionally designed websites with SEO and webhosting for a fraction of that. With most business websites costing thousands of dollars, without even approaching good SEO, it's something worth checking out.
Regardless of who builds and maintains your site, insist on an optimized website that is search engine friendly. It does your business no good at all to create a web presence that is going to appear on page 600 of Google. Ninety-eight percent of web search ends on page one, so your intended destination should be clear -- if you hope to reach your intended customers and clients.
John Flynn is an online marketing consultant for real business, specializing in creating profitable websites for brick & mortar businesses and finding hidden revenue streams for his clients. Successful online since 1999 in over 300 niche websites, Mr. Flynn combines his years of online expertise with over 12 years operating a chain of specialty retail stores and over 9 years in a successful boutique service business. He is the author of "750 Traffic Streams for Your Business" and creator of several DIY products and Do-It-For-You services designed to help Small Business dominate the search engines and make more money.

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