Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Need to Know Info For a Top SEO Page Rank

Having a good page rank has many advantages for your blog or site, not only providing organic traffic from search engines like Google or Yahoo, but also is good for your blogs reputation.
I've read about sites that page rank shows there popularity in the eyes of Google, but when working on page ranking remember search engines are looking for honest, useful content, and how important are you as a blogger. Then when you are appreciated by your community and as a blogger your PR will rank naturally.
Each webmaster or blogger have his own opinion about search engine rank or how to get a higher PR, for each person it's different from others so we can't have the same opinions.
Google will index your site more frequently based on your search engine ranking.
The higher your page rank, the more frequently Google's spider will visit your site to index your content. Google likes sites that are frequently updated and are very well optimized so having a higher page rank means, in the most cases, that your blog is an active. A higher PR helps your fresh content to be shown faster in the search engines and indexed faster. Not only that, if you are a webmaster who has other new websites that linked to your own high PR website, it will help your new websites been crawled by Google bots more often and improved the new websites in search engine results.
People purchase ads based on a site's search engine ranking.
If you sell advertising on your site in the form of text links, banners or content links, the price will be largely influenced by your PR. When you are selling an text link on your blog, visits matter much less than your page rank. When you have a blog with PR 5,you can sell text links even with 20dollars/month,depends on the niche of your blog.
A search engine ranking makes you look like your site is an expert.
You will always see in forums and blogs about people saying things like "How can a SEO expert's blog have a PR0?" or "That site is only PR0". A higher Page Rank is considered evidence of good promotion of your blog through other blogs or sites. Sometimes, people expect a certain standard from expert sources. To them high Page Rank means that you know what you do.This is not always true but it is a perception you will just have to follow. You can be an expert and not have a good page rank.

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