Friday, 22 January 2010

SEO and Link Building

Search engine optimisation is a process of optimizing your website to attain better positions in search engines and to acquire high volume of monthly traffic. SEO is the only and last choice that will send insane traffic to your website if you are optimized properly. One of the most known search engine is known as Google, boosting every ones business now a days.

Some of the most crucial steps that are to be implemented to gain high positions in search engines for better traffic volumes are many but here we will be discussing the most effective step for SEO namely link building. Link building is like a vote for your website in view of search engines and a vote means better rankings and repute. So how can you build back links? Some of the following ways are widely proved to gain quality back links.

Article marketing:

Article marketing is very important for link building and requires a very little effort to gain links back to your site. Just write quality articles and submit them to high ranked article directories like and goarticles. Before submitting them,in the resource box give URL of your site to gain a link. If article marketing is implemented correctly, it will provide you with results which you can't even consider.

Forum posting:

Forum posting is another way to gain one way back links. Just visit high PR forums and post replies in threads related to your niche with a back link to your site. This way to gain back links is very easy and will provide you awesome results.

Video marketing:

Video marketing is considered as the most modern way to gain back links and is getting proved very effective. Just make a short minute video on a topic relevant to your niche and upload it to maker video hosting sites like It will provide you with the most effective results you are willing to see.

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