Sunday, 10 January 2010

Do Colors Really Matter in Website Designing

So you have set up a good combination of graphics and content on your website, but have you thought about the colors that you use on it? No. then you must because colors are as important part of your website as the graphics or content. Believe me the colors you select for your website design makes a lot of difference.

Colors have a deep impact on the moods of people. There are few colors that have certain effect on a person and invoke particular emotions in them and as we know, emotions can be dangerous when it comes to business! It is scientifically proven that colors have different effect on people's mind and can evoke feelings such as happy, sad, relaxed, excited, angry, or scared. Therefore, its obvious that anything that can have such deep impact on people is an important factor to take into account while creating website design. Frankly, an unprofessional color may also ruin your company's brand image too.

Let's just look at the kinds of colors and their qualities. The colors can be distinguished in three kinds according to their quality:

Neutral colors-

* Black is one of the neutral and it signifies power, elegance, and sophistication.
* White is a standard for denoting purity, cleanliness, hope and much more. It is a neutral color that is very popular.
* Gray shows reliability and is most preferable for business attires.
* Brown represents natural simplicity just like earth.

Warm Colors-

* Red is associated with two very opposite emotions. It is a symbol for anger and violence as well as color of attention and love. It signifies lust, passion, and enthusiasm as well at times.
* Orange represented as a sacred color in some cultures and is considered as an energizing and harvesting color.
* Yellow again symbolizes varied emotions. It can represent dullness at times whereas warmth as well.
* Pink usually denoting feminine but it also symbolizes innocence and romance.

Cool Colors

* Blue is a cool color that is widely used professionally as it is very soothing to the eyes. It also represents trust and intelligence.
* Green is again a color with wide denotation like it symbolizes greed and jealousy but at the same time it also represents wealth, growth, and money.
* Purple is considered to represent royalty from a long time. It also stands for creativity and the lighter shades of this color also represent romance.

Web designer needs to select the colors for the website keeping the business and the qualities associated with colors both. The websites generally follow the three main color schemes such as single color scheme, complementary color scheme, and contrasting color scheme. All these color schemes can create different impact on the viewers and hence, it must be chosen wisely for website designing. There are in total 216 colors that are known as web safe colors but the web designer must use only the colors that look good and also should be eye soothing and comforting so that the viewers stick on to it for a longer time. The colors used on the website also have an impact on the legibility of the content of the website. Therefore, make sure that appropriate colors are used on the site.

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