Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Construct a Successful SEO Campaign For More Leads and More Clients

You may have heard the phrase "what you can't track, you can't improve". I hold more of an optimistic point of view when it comes to marketing, which is why I say; What you CAN track, you WILL improve. There is simply no other advertising or marketing medium more powerful, trackable, and predictable then search engine optimization (SEO). From a business point of view, every SEO campaign should commence with the idea that there will be a significant return on investment. Contrary to guessing what you can expect from advertising, SEO internet marketing is a much more predictable and trackable process.

Selecting the right keywords and keyphrases for your SEO campaign is critical for success. No one knows what your prospects are searching for better than you (at least we hope so). The best approach is selecting a variety of keywords and keyphrases rather than just the popular ones. High volume keywords are typically less targeted, therefor result in a lower conversion rate. Choose long tail and more specific keywords for better rankings and higher conversion rates.

Ensure that your revenue target is your ultimate goal when constructing your SEO campaign. It should not be measured in terms of website traffic, hits, or even how many times your site pops up in the search engine results pages. How many clients or sales are you trying to acquire with your SEO campaign? With the understanding of how much a new client is worth annually to your business, and what your average lead to close percentage is, you will be able to accurately determine how many targeted prospects you will need to drive to your website to meet your goal.

A successful SEO campaign will increase the number of visitors who are actively seeking your products and services. Successful SEO will create enough impressions on the search engine results pages to deliver enough visitors to meet your ultimate revenue target. By obtaining first page rankings, you're ensuring that your SEO campaign is running to it's maximum potential for your targeted keywords. Very few internet browsers advance beyond the first page in search results, which is why I personally consider the first page the only place to be. Continuous statistics show that a first place listing in the organic results acquire almost half of all organic clicks. The further down the page, the less traffic you receive. Conservatively speaking, a well executed SEO campaign will result in 5-10% of the total search volume for that keyword or keyphrase clicking through to your website.

Written by Adam Skiba

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